About CSOA

Penny-Morriss-closeupConcierge Services of Atlanta, Inc. (CSOA) was established in 1997 by President and owner, Penny Morriss Campbell.  Penny started her career as Atlanta’s first corporate Concierge for Midtown’s One Atlantic Center.  After this, she worked for the Washington D.C. based Intercontinental Concierge Corporation as the general manager for their Atlanta office.  During her time in Atlanta, Penny recognized a great need for providing specialized services to Class A office buildings.  In 1997, she followed her own advice of  ”no risk, no reward”, and Concierge Services of Atlanta, Inc. was established.

At CSOA, we offer our clients the opportunity to be a part of something special!  We offer various levels of service to meet the different needs of our clients.  Whether you are looking for corporate, residential, or virtual Concierge service, we can help.  Our coverage plans include part-time Monday-Friday, full-time Monday-Friday, weekend coverage, 24/7 coverage, and everything in between.  Let us tailor a plan for coverage that meets the specific needs of your property.


Our Management Team



CSOA’s management team is housed in our corporate office located in Atlanta and is made up of a talented group of professionals, each with a deep level of expertise in the area of the company in which they serve. CSOA’s corporate management and office team includes the following individuals:

Penny Morriss Campbell
President & Owner

Lendy Fedors
Vice President, General Manager

Lisa Whitlow
Director of Corporate Operations

John Upshaw
Director of Corporate Operations

Trazet Williams-McCarley
Residential Services Manager & Trainer


Interested in joining the CSOA Team?  Click here to learn more and apply online.  


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