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Guest Vendor Program

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What is a Guest Vendor?

Guest Vendors are those people or companies that are invited by the Property Manager and/or Concierge to sell their goods to the occupants of a building that has a contract with CSOA..

How Can I Become a Guest Vendor?

Thank you for your interest. We take great pride in our Guest Vendor program. Over the last 18 years, we have had the pleasure of partnering with Atlanta’s finest artisans. We need to review your products to make certain that they do not overlap with our existing Guest Vendors. Please forward your website address, a price list and marketing materials to In addition, please review our Guest Vendor Guidelines below:

Guest Vendor Guidelines

1) You must provide at least two property management references for Class A commercial buildings where you have successfully shown your merchandise
2) Your merchandise must not include any branded or non-branded designer “knock-offs” and must be deemed appropriate for sale by the Property Manager and/or Concierge
3) Your merchandise must be on-hand and available for immediate “cash and carry” sale. Catalogue sales representatives are not permitted to be Guest Vendors.
4) Representatives of direct sales or multi-level marketing companies are not permitted to be Guest Vendors
5) Tenants and relatives of tenants of the building are not eligible to be Guest Vendors.
6) You must pay the minimum exhibit fee and percentage of sales. (where applicable)
7) Guest vendors must provide their own tables for the show. (where applicable)
8) You must provide table linens for all of your tables for the show. (where applicable)
9) Occupants of CSOA buildings prefer Guest Vendors who accept credit cards for payments, however, this is not mandatory.
10) CSOA strives to offer our tenants a wide variety of vendor shows and
prefers to schedule shows seasonally and around holidays. Therefore, Guest
Vendors will be allowed to hold a maximum of three shows per calendar
year at any one CSOA building.
11) You must provide a certificate of liability insurance and sign our License Agreement.

Selection of Guest Vendors is at the discretion of the Property Manager, whose decision is final.

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