CSOA Picks: Our Goals For 2021

As we start off a brand new year, our team has compiled a list of their goals for 2021! Many are excited to try healthier recipes, regularly exercise, try new things and read more.
Take care of your mental well being
Take some time for your self is SO important! Ten practical ways to improve your mental health include: Talking about your feelings, staying active, eating healthy, drinking sensibly, keeping in touched with friends/ loved ones, asking for help, taking a break, doing something you are good at, accepting who you are, and caring for others!
Get outside more
Make it a priority to spend a few minutes outside each day! Our team loves going on long walks through their neighborhood, enjoying their morning coffee outside, spending a weekend camping or taking a long hike and spending time with the kids outdoors playing a game!
Set up a workout routine 
Many of us have chosen to ditch public gyms making room to experiment with virtual workout classes! Now, there are an array of workout classes to try all in the comfort of your own home and only needing your computer and an internet connection! Our team loves using Nike, Peloton and the Obe apps for workout classes!
Experiment with different recipes
Since we are now eating more meals at home, now is the time to whip up something different! Check out this list of healthy recipes to try this year.
Read more
Reading is so important and also a great stress reliever. Our team loves reading new titles on their kindle or purchasing a physical book at their local book store. Many are also part of a book club that meets each month as well! Check out this list of most anticipated books to read in 2021.

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