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Concierge Services of Atlanta has provided concierge services to Atlanta’s finest Class A office buildings, and luxury condominiums since 1997. Over the past 20 years, we have earned a solid reputation for excellent customer service. Our longevity in this highly competitive field, is due largely to our hiring practices. We simply hire the best and brightest concierge staff available in the southeast.

If you believe you possess the talent and skills necessary to continue our legacy of excellence, please complete the following application. We look forward to meeting you.

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A tenant/or resident in a building ordered tickets for a show which should have been delivered by 4 pm that day. The tenant calls and tells you that they have not received the tickets. What do you do? *

A 28 year old tenant/or resident requests a restaurant recommendation for a small group celebration. List your top 3 choices in Metro-Atlanta. *

Same question, but the tenant/or resident is approximately 60 years of age. *

A tenant, who is new single father, calls you at 10:00 am and is panicking. He forgot to arrange for his twin 8 year olds birthday party, and 20 guests are due to arrive at 5:00 pm. What would you do? *

An employee of same the building strikes up a conversation with you regarding the 'questionable' behavior of one of the tenants/or residents. How would you respond? *

 Ask for more details, write it all down and pass on to your supervisor. Tell you colleague what you have heard about the same person. Neither of the above.

A resident from unit #400 asks if he can pick up a package for his neighbor who lives in unit #410. He is not on the list to pick up packages for unit #410. How would you respond? *

Please give an example in exact words of how you would reply to the sample email below:
Sample Email:“My nephew and his friends are coming to Atlanta to stay with me this weekend. They are in their twenties. I am looking for creative ideas for entertaining them while they are in town. Can you please make some suggestions?” Kind Regards, Mr. Smith (Unit #4)
Your Sample Reply:

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The concierge must take an ID from anyone requesting a key release. *
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True or False?
It is acceptable for the concierge to fraternize with residents after hours? *
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Why do you want to work for CSOA? Please be specific. *

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