Snow, Ice, Rain or Shine – Concierge Services of Atlanta Is Here to Help!

To some it is just another day’s work.  To others of us, we feel it is an exemplary tale of commitment to the job, teamwork, and the desire to be of service to the properties and residents where they work, even in on a snow day.

While the news channels reported, stay off the roads unless you have to be out and all of the closings scrolled across the screens, we had 14 properties that needed to have the concierge desks covered to be of service to their residents.  So people set out to fulfill that commitment and these are some of their stories:

Lawrence left home at 5am this morning to be able to arrive at his desk by 7am.  He had to walk 2 miles to get the bus to get to work.  It took him 4 hours to get to work.  He was relieving Kenyetta who agreed to stay the extra time (shift would normally end at 7am) until he could arrive.  When he arrived he found he was the only one at the property and a breaker was down.  Management and Maintenance were not there so he did what he could while on the phone with Maintenance to handle the situation.  In addition, 3 separate residents had issues with their thermostats and he helped them each to get their thermostat working.  When I said, I appreciate all you do, his reply was “No problem, it’s my job”.

Kevyn drove into work for her 7 am shift.  She was driving slowly but able to make it to the Vinings area where she had to leave her car at the Quik Trip down the hill from the property and a police officer drove her up to the building.  Robert who had worked the overnight shift was on the phone with Kevyn trying to help her navigate the driving before she encountered the police officer.  Robert stayed at the property until 8:50 until Kevyn could arrive.  Once there, residents said “Kevyn, we will help you down the hill later to get your car but you should stay here overnight”.  They brought down toothpaste, a toothbrush and one is even doing laundry to give her a clean nightgown for tonight.  She has already been in touch with Vanessa to ask her to pack a bag and prepare to stay and they will trade off being at the concierge desk if needed.   Management called to say they would not be in today.

Vatika arrived at 7:25, Marlon stayed until she could arrive.  She said she just had to take it slow and steady to get into Buckhead and it was closer to the building that the roads seemed worse.  Asante is still there covering the desk as of 12:54 pm today from his overnight shift.  Nora is trying to get in to relieve him.  They are working on a much reduced management staff; the Assistant Property Manager is in today.

Derric set out on his normal plan of taking the bus to the Marta train to get to work.  However, there was no bus so he called a cab to get to work and spent $17 for the cab fare.  He said in his position (lead) he has to set the example for the rest.  He said he doesn’t believe in excuses, you can always find a way and be held accountable for fulfilling the commitment.  It is how he was raised.  The Property Manager who lives on site is there as well as the leasing agent who lives on site.  Housekeeping was unable to make it in, as was the Asst Manager.

Billy made into his property at 6am.  He said, “I could be at home watching the snow, I would rather be here”.  Rodney is planning to leave early walking to work to ensure he is on time to relieve Billy.  The Leasing Manager is in.

Brea came from Marietta and said she made it in slowly but surely.  She called and the security team member agreed to stay until she arrived.  Their Asst PM and leasing agent who live on the property were there as well.

Tahiria arrived at 6:20 for her 6:00 am shift.  She was in communication with security from overnight to keep them apprised of her arrival.  Their Leasing Agent who lives on site is there and Maintenance came in as well.

Trezette arrived to cover the desk after Jasmine was unable to make it there for 6 am and had an accident on the way.  Trazette said her normal 30-minute drive took an hour and a half today.  She is not normally scheduled for this shift at this property but was willing to help out her coworker in time of need to ensure we fulfilled the commitment of having a concierge at the desk.  I spoke with the Property Manager who said she is there and several of their managers who either live onsite or near by were working out of their office to try to get things covered for their buildings.

I spoke with Gary who wasn’t scheduled for the 7am shift this morning but when Hope called and said she had started out early that morning and drove to day care because it didn’t show in the listings it was closed (but it was) and that she was unable to come, Gary said I can walk to work so I will go in.  Lunden stayed until Gary was able to get in to cover the desk. Management was at the property as well.

Abe stayed late at his property from the overnight shift until 10:30 am because the Lifestyle Director was unable to make it in.  The leasing agent who lives onsite is covering the concierge desk for her and Abe was offered to stay on the property and get some rest so he could come back to the desk later if/when needed.  Food was ordered and delivered for him to make him as comfortable as possible.

We do not normally cover the first shift for one of our properties however they called last night and asked that we cover for them because of the weather.  We did so.  Our lead, T’naryl showed up for the shift we do not cover.

I speak of all of these stories from all of our very dedicated people who said it was all in their day’s work to show up.  While yes it is our responsibility and commitment to each of these properties we service to” show up”, it is exceptional that all of these people I spoke with did it without complaint, without excuses and did it with a “can do” spirit and each sounded like there was a smile on their face as I was speaking with them.  They were appreciative to me for the phone call; I am the one appreciative of them for their spirit.  And to all who come to work each and every day for us to help us accomplish our goals of making residents feel valued and worthy of being celebrated, I say thank you to them all.  Not to mention the leadership of Stacey and Ryan who help each property ensure they have someone at their desk each and every day, each and every shift, I too say thank you.

These are examples of teamwork, doing whatever it takes to get the job done… the CSOA Way!

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